Sources of Information


The following list is a brief guide to online

archive sources in this and in external archives.


These will help those who wish to find additional information or details about a casualty

who lost their lives, or died as a result of action, in Normandy.


Normandy Bibliography

This page lists a selected bibliography of books and publications related to the Normandy battlefields, air and sea war during the Second World War.



Free online Casualty Archives

This page lists links to free online casualty archives.



Free Online Publications

This page lists links to free online publications relating to the Normandy battlefields or casualties.



Service and Awards Records

This page lists links to online archives detailing service personnel and award records.



Military Museums

This page lists military museums around the world that can provide a valuable source of information.



Canadian Forces

Library and Archives Canada: Databases, Research Aids and Virtual Exhibitions



If you can provide links to any free online sources of information,

please email details to