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Rank Forenames Surname Date of Death Age Force Unit / Ship / Battalion / Squadron Place of Burial Memorial Page
Private THOMAS WILLIAM GEORGE EVANS Monday, 10 July 1944 Unknown British Army 5 Battalion RANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Trooper WILLIAM HENRY HEATON Thursday, 03 August 1944 33 British Army 61 Reconnaissance Regiment BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private ANTONY ERIC MICHAEL JONES Tuesday, 05 March 1940 19 British Army 8 Battalion DIEPPE CANADIAN WAR CEMETERY, HAUTOT-SUR-MER Detail
Driver HORACE LEWIS Wednesday, 28 June 1944 34 British Army 13 Field Squadron SAINT-MANVIEU WAR CEMETERY, CHEUX Detail
Captain FRANKLYN HOLT LLOYD Friday, 21 July 1944 35 British Army Unknown BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Sergeant FRANK MORRIS Thursday, 18 February 1943 22 Royal Air Force 139 (Royal Air Force) Squadron VENGEONS CHURCHYARD Detail
Private JOHN HENRY POUNCETT Sunday, 30 July 1944 30 British Army 1 Battalion, Herefordshire Regiment (11th Armoured Division) SAINT-CHARLES-DE-PERCY WAR CEMETERY Detail
Corporal OLIVER JAMES POUND Friday, 04 August 1944 31 British Army 1 Battalion BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Sergeant ALEXANDER SARGANT TAYLOR Friday, 17 September 1943 19 Royal Air Force 196 (Royal Air Force) Squadron LISIEUX COMMUNAL CEMETERY Detail
Displaying 1 to 9 of 9 results.