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Rank Forenames Surname Date of Death Age Force Unit / Ship / Battalion / Squadron Place of Burial Memorial Page
Driver RICHARD GEORGE BEECROFT Tuesday, 06 June 1944 to Wednesday, 07 June 1944 19 British Army Unknown HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private GERRARD CARNEVALE Wednesday, 28 June 1944 19 British Army 2 Battalion, East Yorkshire Regiment (3rd Infantry Division) HERMANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Sergeant GEORGE FLETCHER Sunday, 14 January 1945 21 Royal Air Force 106 (Royal Air Force) Squadron SAINT-SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN Detail
Trooper JOHN THOMAS GREEN Tuesday, 06 June 1944 21 British Army 13/18 Royal Hussars, A Squadron BAYEUX MEMORIAL Detail
Lieutenant ARTHUR DOUGLAS HATFIELD Saturday, 17 June 1944 28 British Army 294 Field Company BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Fusilier JAMES HAYWOOD Thursday, 06 June 1940 21 British Army 6 Battalion GRANDCOURT WAR CEMETERY Detail
Corporal JAMES HODNETT Wednesday, 28 June 1944 25 British Army 6 Battalion, Green Howards (50th Northumbrian Infantry Division) HOTTOT-LES-BAGUES WAR CEMETERY Detail
Gunner JACK KAYE Sunday, 16 July 1944 21 British Army 97 Anti-Tank Regiment SAINT-MANVIEU WAR CEMETERY, CHEUX Detail
Trooper JOSEPH LIMBERT Monday, 28 August 1944 28 British Army 4/7 Royal Dragoon Guards SAINT-DESIR WAR CEMETERY Detail
Marine JOHN MILLER Monday, 18 September 1944 21 Royal Navy 46 Royal Marine Commando BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Lance Corporal FRANK NEEDHAM Tuesday, 18 July 1944 25 British Army 5 Royal Tank Regiment (7th Armoured Division) BANNEVILLE-LA-CAMPAGNE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private DONALD SALES Saturday, 08 July 1944 27 British Army Unknown CAMBES-EN-PLAINE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Lance Corporal RONALD GERALD SLATER Saturday, 17 June 1944 19 British Army 6 Battalion HOTTOT-LES-BAGUES WAR CEMETERY Detail
Private ARTHUR ROY SMITH Wednesday, 28 June 1944 30 British Army Hallamshire Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment (49th West Riding Infantry Division) FONTENAY-LE-PESNEL WAR CEMETERY, TESSEL Detail
Signalman WILLIAM AYLMER STAFFORD Thursday, 15 June 1944 23 British Army 6 Airborne Division Signals, Royal Corps of Signals RANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Staff Serjeant ALAN TREVOR STEAR Tuesday, 06 June 1944 23 British Army 1 Wing, The Glider Pilot Regiment (6th Airborne Division) RANVILLE CHURCHYARD Detail
Lance Corporal HERBERT THOMPSON Friday, 08 September 1944 21 British Army 152 (Mobile) Anti-Aircraft Operations Room Signals Section SAINT-SEVER CEMETERY EXTENSION, ROUEN Detail
Private JOHN ANDREW WILLIAMS Sunday, 30 July 1944 28 British Army 5 Battalion BAYEUX WAR CEMETERY Detail
Lance Corporal ERIC WINDER Saturday, 10 June 1944 26 British Army 12 Parachute Battalion (6th Airborne Division) RANVILLE WAR CEMETERY Detail
Displaying 1 to 19 of 19 results.