How your Donations and our Funds are Used


Website and Database Expenses

The website and database was self-financed and built, over a period of 5 years by James Knowles, and much of the information collated and photographs taken over 15 years, by Carl Shilleto. Today, the working live website and archive has yearly server, domain name and data back-up costs, to help ensure the website remains online, secure and up to date with the latest technology.


Your donations, along with our present funds, help ensure that the website remains free-to-access for all and will allow it to grow accordingly as the information on the website expands. It will also help promote and keep the website database and archive up-to-date as online technologies change; thereby helping to improve the user experience and free accessibility for all.


Information and Appeal Leaflets, Posters and Cards


Following the success of our initial appeal for information and photographs of the fallen through leaflets, postcards and small business style cards in 2009, we have redesigned these and we will continue to be producing and distributing them in the museums in Normandy, and in the UK, in the coming months and years.


These cards help both promote the website and archive as a resource and encourage people to send in photographs and information about the fallen for the memorial pages.




Display and Information Panels


Production of display panels that will be put on show in Museums in Normandy, France and in the UK, providing information about the fallen, cemeteries and churchyards and details of the Fallen Heroes of Normandy Project. These banners will also be used at talks and presentations about the project at meetings, museums, universities, schools and colleges.


This photograph shows one of our display panels explaining the aims of the project, and an appeal for information and photographs, in the Memorial Pegasus Museum in Normandy, France. Standing next to the panel is Normandy, and 6 Airborne Division Veteran, Cyril Tasker.


The content of the display panels can range from showing the Normandy casualties of a particular unit, that we could display in a regimental museum, to a combination of information and photographs about Normandy casualties in general that could be put into any museum that covers the history of the Second World War.


Each panel stands 2.1 metres high is 0.8 metres wide. We also encourage any person or organisation to directly sponsor a panel and they will be duly acknowledged both on the panel and on our website.





Fundraising Items for Sale

On 6th June 2013, when Carl Shilleto and Irena Zientek were married, they requested that instead of wedding gifts, friends and family could instead make a donation to the Fallen Heroes of Normandy project. In total $500, €300 and £422 was raised. This has been used to produce a collection of Fallen Heores of Normandy items (3-Petalled Poppy Pins, Wristbands, Stickers, Fridge Magnets, etc.) that are sold to raise awareness and funds for the project.



Money invested in these products yield a 200% to 400% return, thereby providing both a worthwhile investment for the project, and providing supporters with a souvenir or keepsake of the project. All items can bought via online shop which is kindly supported by Grayling Media Projects and the D-Day Stripes website.