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We appeal to anyone who has found the Fallen Heroes of Normandy archive and website useful, and those who consider the aims of the project worthwhile, to consider making a donation. How to Donate.


However small your donation may be, it will help maintain the website and contribute towards its running costs and development of both the archive and its educational publications.



Donations can be made via paypal here:

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The Fallen Heroes of Normandy archive and website project is a not-for-profit organisation, that will be seeking to become a fully registered charity in 2021/22.


In addition to providing a lasting memorial page for all those who were killed, died of their wounds, or who are commemorated, on the Normandy battlefields, the project's aim is to write, publish and distribute free information sheets and packs for schools, museums and teachers.


It is also intended, eventually, that such information will be translated into several languages and be available in all those counties who have fallen buried in the Normandy battlefields.


The Fallen Heroes of Normandy is a free to access, and free to use, online memorial, resource and archive. However, the Fallen Heroes of Normandy is not free to run, maintain and develop.


Unless those making donations wish to remain anonymous, we acknowledge all contibutions, sponsorship and assistance on the Donations and Funding Acknowledgements page here.



Fallen Heroes of Normandy and D-Day Stripes

From 31st May 2014, the Fallen Heroes of Normandy are pleased to announce our connection and partnership with D-Day Stripes.


Set-up in January 2014, D-Day Stripes was established by Richard Grayling to raise awareness of the 70th anniversary of the the D-Day landings in Normandy. By promoting the wearing of the invasion recognition stripes, painted on all Allied aircraft to distinguish them from enemy aircraft, they have helped help raise awareness of the 70th anniversary of the greatest Allied combined operation launched during the Second World War.


After hearing of the work of the charity D-Day Revisited, an organisation established to help Normandy veterans to return to the battlefield, Richard Grayling and his dedicated team decided to raise funds for this worthwhile cause. In less than 6 months D-Day Stripes have manged to raise several hundred pounds for the charity, helping many veterans to return to the battlefields of Normandy. 


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Richard Grayling, Sarah Holmes, and his D-Day Stripes team as a partner to the Fallen Heroes of Normandy project. That they have chosen our project to support is appreciated immensley. Together we can help ensure that the sacrifice and memory of that great generation, in particular those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we so readily take for granted today, will be preserved for posterity.


Please show your support for D-Day Stripes by following them on facebook, Twitter and pinterest.





Corporate Sponsorship and Support of the

Fallen Heroes of Normandy Archive and Website

We are presently looking for a suitable organisation or business to support the Fallen Heroes of Normandy Archive and Website, thereby helping us continue with our research and photographic projects, expand and develop specific projects to raise awareness of the archive, develop our free educational material, and maintain the upkeep and running cost of the online archive and website.


Such sponsorship will be duly, and respectfully, acknowledged across the 27,000+ pages of this archive and website.


There will be no general random advertising or marketing on this website. To have multiple advertisements from a large number of different organsations, or companies, on all the pages across this website would not, we feel, be appropriate for this memorial archive.


Furthermore, we will not be embedding any video, moving graphic advertisements or pop-ups into this website.



Sponsored Events

In the coming months and years Stef Durkin, a former sapper with the British Army Royal Engineers, will be running sponsored marathons and races, to both help raise funds and promote the aims of the project.


Also running for the the Fallen Heroes of Normandy is Wendy.



Details of Stef's and Wendy's sponsored runs can be followed on our Sponsored Runs and Marathons page.



Publications for Sale

A portiion of the author royalties for the following publications, listed here, have been donated to the Fallen Heroes of Normandy project to help maintain and preserve this archive for future generations.



Funding of Specific Projects

If anyone would like to consider contributing to, or sponsoring, any specific projects please contact Carl at with your details, and we will provide you with additional information.


Present projects that are underway, or are being developed, are:


Display Panels

Production of display panels that will be put on show in Museums in Normandy, France and in the UK, providing information about the fallen, cemeteries and churchyards and details of the Fallen Heroes of Normandy Project. These banners will also be used at talks and presentations about the project at meetings, museums, universities, schools and colleges.

This photograph shows one of our display panels explaining the aims of the project, and an appeal for information and photographs, in the Memorial Pegasus Museum in Normandy, France. Standing next to the panel is Normandy, and 6th Airborne Division Veteran, Cyril Tasker.


The content of the display panels can range from showing the Normandy casualties of a particular unit, that could be displayed in a regimental museum, to a combination of information and photographs about normandy casualties in general that could be displayed in any museum that covers the Second World War.


Each panel stands 2.1 meters high is 0.8 meters wide. Any person or organisation that sponsors a panel will be duly acknowledged in the information on the panel and on our website.


Information and Appeal Leaflets and Cards

Following the success of our initial appeal for information and photographs of the fallen through leaflets, postcards and small business style cards in 2009, we have redesigned and we will continue to be producing and distributing these in the museums in Normandy, and in the UK, in the coming months and years.





Fundraising items

To help promote the Fallen Heroes of Normandy archive, widen our appeal for photographs/information of the fallen, and raise funds, we have designed several fundraising products that will soon be available in selected museums, shops and at events and talks about the project. These are also available online at




A durable black silicone wristband (202mm circumference) with our website address and distinct red 3-petalled poppy.




Enamel Pin Badges

High quality red and black 3-petalled poppy enamel pin badges (approximately 12mm).






A selection of self-adhesive stickers (measuring 85mm x 85mm and 200mm x 65mm) that can be adhered to car or home windows (external), folders, books or bags.





Fridge Magnets

Magnets, suitable for any ferrous metalic surface, such as fridge doors.





Collections Boxes

Items can be taken, and a donation can be made for the project, from one of our fundraising collection boxes, please email us at for further details of how to obtain these for your establishment or outlet.




Sponsored Support for Marathons and Organised Runs

We are presently looking for a corporate or business sponsor to help us cover Stef and Wendy's entry expenses when they run (to raise awareness and funding for the Fallen Heroes of Normandy) in future races.


We can provide prominant acknowledgement of any sponsor on Stef and/or Wendy's running vest, on our Donation and Funding Acknowledgements page and via the social media networks (facebook, twitter, pinterest and blogs) that we maintain to support this archive and website.




Donations can be made via paypal here:

No PayPal account is needed to make a donation




Please contact Carl at with your details,
if you can help with any project and we will provide you with additional information.
Please also contact Carl if you would can provide a suitable place for one of our collecting boxes or money boxes

Thank you for your support