Donation and Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following people who have all donated, sponsored, contributed or given their time towards the development of the Fallen Heroes of Normandy archive project.


The Fallen Heroes of Normandy project was created and financed by Carl Shilleto and Irena Zientek up to 2013. However, It has only been through the generosity and assistance of the following people, that we have been able to move the Fallen Heroes of Normandy forward and turn ten years of research and photographic projects into the valuable online archive, database and website we have today...


With their help, and that of new supporters, we look forward to expanding this database and photographic archive, and move forward with our objective of being able to continually update and provide this free online source of information for all, in the coming years.


Future contributions will, ultimately, also allow us to establish the project as a registered charity, and help us with our aim of providing schools, teachers and museums with free resources, information packs and leaflets. Thereby contributing to, and preserving, our shared history and the memory of those who fell on the battlefields of Normandy during the Second World War.


Website and Database Development

Special thanks to database developer and software engineer James Knowles, for dedicating his spare time, over three years, to building and developing this database and website. We also thank him for his continued support and development of the website.



Website Graphics

Thanks to Andrew Grant, for designing and providing the unique collection of national flags and forces badges for the Fallen Heroes of Normandy website and blog.



Research and Project Funding

Thanks to the following people whose donations have been used to help fund specific research and photographic projects for the Fallen Heroes of Normandy.


Completion of photographs and information of headstones
in Manche department, Normandy in 2013.

L. & B. Pritchett, C. Cross & J. Cross, K. & C. Shilleto, G. & B. Lawson, G. Tidmus-Whiting:



Help and Assistance for Project


Accomodation in Normandy

We would like to thank our friends, Stuart and Jennifer Robertson, for providing us with excellent accomodation in Normandy, on many of our trips to the Normandy battlefields over several years.


Printing of sponsored running vests for sponsored marathons and races

Steve and Mick at York Digital Image photographic services.


Design and provision of information leaflets appealing for information and photographs of the fallen in Normandy in 2009

Pen & Swords Books Limited, in particular Charles Hewitt, Roni Wilkinson, Jonathan Wright and Jon Wilkinson for help with production and design of leaflets.



Sponsored, Events and Online Donations

(to be next updated in 2020)

These donations help support the project by covering the costs of the online server, IT costs, domain names and research projects for the Fallen Heroes of Normandy.



P. Anderson.



S Bignall.



T. Carter, G. Cash, P. Cordock, W. Cree.



Mrs Dean, R. Dunn, J. Durkin, J. Durkin.





S. Fennell.



C. Gatecliffe, N Griffin.



B. Harrison, M. Hepworth.



S. Inkster.



M. Jones.





D. Law.



T. Melling, P. Martin, M. Thacker.



C. Newmann.





J. Pevarelli.





J. Raylor, C. Robinson, S. Robinson.



C. Scaife, Sean,  K. Shilleto, P. Shilleto, T. Scott.



S. Tetley, D. Turner.





J. Vowles.



B. Woodford.









Please contact Carl at with your details,
if you can help with any fundraising.